Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Thing I Don't Gamble on Football

Okay so I was 2-2 for the wild card round, could've been better. The Packers were so close, what a game! Was I not right about Rodgers having poise? The guy is going to go far in the playoffs someday. I'll be back next weekend with more picks, don't you worry.

1) Misinterpreting Dream

Clearly I should have realized that the dream meant that the Bengals would win only if Chris Henry was still alive and switched his jersey number to #80 and Cedric Benson was out with an injury.

Actually don't pick games based on dreams. What I said about the Jets' defense and running game being just was a good playoff team needs, that was right.

2) Underestimating old and young QBs

Mark Sanchez proved himself as the real deal. Kurt Warner showed he's still the real deal.

3) Picking the wrong longhairs to win

I forgot that Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals also has long hair, which would've forced me to decide the Packers-Cardinals game on more rational factors.

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